The blank space above where you should see a comic was to be filled with an hilarious account of the road trip Larry and i took to a Carolina Panthers football game in Charlotte. And it will as soon as i can finish it. I got half way last night, but need more time to polish and perfect what could already be described as a perfect cartoon. That is if you count half-finished cartoons, badly drawn on a WACOM tablet as “perfect.”

Check back tonight…

UPDATE: Sooooo late. Gah, so sorry, again, but this one took some extra effort and time. Plus I had to dig a hella bunch of holes in my yard over the weekend and my hands hurt like the devil.

So anyway, here is the comic (above) and here is what our view of most of the actual game was (below.) Hilarious right? Apparently Hardesty69 felt that the team needed him to stand up ON EVERY PLAY or else they would lose the game and feel shame. So he did. And not just him, but everyone with a seat behind us needed to continuously walk up and down the stairs as if the game was really a seriously expensive gym membership. Buns o’ steel y’all!