There’s a joke that goes along with this joke. It’s one of the few that has stayed with me since I heard it. Since I’m more of an insult comic I don’t typically remember the “duck walks into a bar” jokes that I hear but I kept this one.

Two guys are in the bar atop the World Trade Center (back when there was a World Trade Center) and the one guy says “Hey did you know that if you jump off this building you’ll float right back up? The way these building were placed creates a unique air current and it will lift you right back to the top. Here watch…” And he steps off the roof and falls. Just before he hits the ground he slows to a stop in mid-air and gently rises back to the bar. “See?” he says. “Cool!” the second guy says, steps off and falls to his death. The bartender walks over and says “Superman, you’re a mean drunk.”