Hey kids. There’s no new comic today because I’m not getting the time to put the work in. It’s sad that I’m complaining about having a job (and truth be told I’m not, believe me) but working all day, then cooking, cleaning, hockey practice, and getting life done in the evening, plus the fact that the wife and I pass out on the couch more often that we like to think about when we consider how much we have to do, is leaving me precious little time to grind out the comics. I think I’m going to drop to once a week for a bit, if nothing else to take some of the pressure off. So Tuesday seems to be working to a certain extent and that’s what I’m going to aim for.

We’re also trying to turn over some new leaves (leafs? C’mon Toronto!) so I hope to be back to 2x/week here before too long. I’ll keep y’all posted.