Is this awesome or what? And don’t answer “what.” Yes, 500 of these things I have drawn for your enjoyment. Unfortunately you can only see from strip 192 to the huge 500th milestone cartoon that went up today. Well, my intent (and I can of course, make no promises) is to translate the sight back to a Comicpress theme that I know how to manipulate so as to add some money-making advertising and whatnot. I know ads are not the optimal cartoon content, but I need to get something back out of this. There is merch on the drawing boards even as I type, including a book or a series of books. I just got to figure out the best ratio of stuff to value. Also I recently faked some company into hiring me to do a gainfully-employed actual job, so who knows what time I will have available to do any of my schemes. So, for the moment, let me just say thanks for reading e9m!