I probably needed another panel or two to make this clear enough to be funny to anyone else but me. So here’s the deal. We went to Dairy Queen after our stuff-tabulous (see comic 316) dinner at Chilli Peppers (so far no complimentary dinner for the free advertising in a world-famous web comic) and I declined my favorite ice-cream treat because it gives me the wind something awful. (Had i been staying at the beach house i would have eaten it and to HELL with my friends.) Anyway, my car did break down on the way home (in he rain) and all of the people i would have called to rescue me were BACK AT THE BEACH. So I called AAA instead (which was good because they have a tow truck and none of my friends do) and got home at 3 AM. Then i got up at 4 AM to go to a hockey tournament. Needless to say I took a few naps in the car that day. Most of them when i wasn’t driving.