I love the bad movies, mostly because of how hard they make me laugh. Lately, some of the “offerings” on Syfy have been making me cry. Not so much that the movies are EXTRA bad (which they are) as that the people who are in them are actors i once respected and/or lusted after. Which has led me to wonder if there is a contract clause somewhere that stipulates that if your science fiction show (like Star Trek Next generation, or Stargate Atlantis) gets shown on Syfy you are then required to later star in a pathetic movie disaster. (And i don’t mean a disaster movie)

PS-More site design work is continuing behind the scenes because quite frankly I am unhappy with the “new” look. I’m also hoping that the soon-to-be-released Comicpress 3.0 is as good as I’m hearing it is, and i will be switching to that. Which means for the moment the archives will not be updated past 190 so that i don’t have to re-do the entire archive if it comes down to it… Thanks for your patience.