Whatever the “thing’ is that I need to draw comics, I do not currently have it. I’ve had the same comic on my workspace for two weeks and I have not finished it. I don’t have time, I’m exhausted when I get home from work, and if i take 15 minutes to watch some football or hockey on the TV then I’ve blown my production schedule. I know web comic artists are not supposed to whine to their audience about how hard it is to draw cartoons because it’s a dream job to draw cartoons. And it is, for me. If i could make $70k per year doing this i would not be doing this whining right now, I’d be drawing the damn comic. But, alas, I am in no position to quit an actual job for the prospect of maybe monetizing my dream and living happily ever after. Not after just getting the ‘real’ job after being unemployed for 4 years. So I’m taking a break. If things go well I’ll be back at it after Christmas. If things go south and i get downsized or for-whatever reason fired then I’ll be back trying to do the above monetizing and living happily ever after thing.

Also, Tech Priest Dave has gone missing. If any of you know Tech Priest Dave please tell him to message me in some way shape or form.