I buy an iced tea almost every day. Sometimes I buy more than one. I don’t like coffee. I like many different restaurants’ versions of iced tea but I prefer that from McDonalds. If I bought a new styrofoam cup from McDonalds every day (sometimes twice) I would throw my own weight of styrofoam into a landfill nine times a year (I don’t know if that is a true fact). So I wash out my cup and take it back and buy more iced tea. Sometimes the staff lets me fill my cup up for free because I recycle.

So the other day this one lady manager at a local McDonalds decided that my practice of cleaning and reusing a styrofoam cup was suddenly a health code violation. The 7-11 (across the street from the McDonalds in question) ENCOURAGES this behavior by giving you a discount when you refill your own cup. So how is it a health code violation on one side of the street and not the other? The world wonders. The way I figure it my washed cup beats the condition of the cups of patrons who drink out of their cups inside the McDonalds and then walk straight to the urn and get a refill anyway. Right, biological scientists?

Also, the lady manager grabbed my washed out cup and threw it away while I was trying to give her money. When I took the money back and walked out without purchasing tea from her she actually cheered “Woopwoop” and wished me a “good day.” I will not be purchasing tea from that store again.