Zombies eat brains. If you watch too much TV your brains turn to mush making YOU the zombie-immune antihero who fights by his own rules. The only good zombie is a dead zombie. Oh wait, THEY ALREADY ARE!

I been watching a lot of zombie entertainment lately. It seems to ba an ‘in’ thing right now. I have been watching Walking Dead but I’m not sure I will keep watching it. So many plot holes. So many… Like, for instance, with the entire inventory of recreational vehicles available for our intrepid band of survivors to choose from why take a 1,000-year old Winnebego (that conveniently breaks down every so often) and a jeep that’s nearly that old? Why not go down to the RV and/or Jeep store and get a new one? They should have watched Zombieland before this crisis and learned a few things from Woodie Harrelson. And don’t hardware stores have axes and whatnot for defense? These people are not thinking!