Assuming, of course, that Larry gets there in time. But dudes and chicks, sometimes it feels like I need to do this to get my luck going again.

SOB STORY ALERT: Here’s the sob story: I got a cold call from a lady who said she wanted to interview me for a training developer position. I told her that, while I could probably do training development if I really had to, I was the graphics side of the training house and she said cool I need to talk to you about that too. So I interviewed and she acted very impressed and said “I am going to recommend that they hire you and I’m not going to look any farther for a graphic artist and you will hear from me in about two weeks.” Two weeks went by and when i finally contacted her she said that she was still waiting for her boss to OK the hiring. I got the sneaking suspicion that they had not actually won the contract yet and that she was just resume fishing. Well they didn’t win the contract and she is no longer with that company. So the other shoe has dropped. No job for me. -sob- But man I felt happy for about a week and half.

I’ve learned during this whole unemployment adventure that counting chickens before they hatch is not a good idea, but I do allow myself to go through the hatched chickens catalog and dream once in a while.